2015 Makeup Collection & Storage

Posted on 26 July 2015

It's finally here! Before we left for our summer holiday I managed to get my vanity in order and film my updated makeup collection for you. I doubt I'll keep it like this forever, because there are a few bits I'm not super happy with, but for the foreseeable future this is what I'm working with. It's basically an IKEA overload, like the rest of our home! Which I don't love, but we don't have Pottery Barn, so it is what it is.

So let's go through the stats. My vanity is actually a desk from our old home, the short version of Bestå Burs. The little stool is Ingolf, you all know the Alex drawers and my mirrors are Skogsvåg and Trensum. I got the acrylic display for my nailpolishes off eBay, I got mine from this seller but you can just search 'acrylic nailpolish display' and you'll find loads in all different sizes. Other than that, most things are from Muji.

Luxury Accessories Haul

Posted on 20 July 2015

You know me, I love a little haul, and this is a really special one. Over the past few months I've picked up three little designer goodies that make me very excited, and I felt that they deserved their own video. If I can, I will probably do more fashion/designer type of videos, because these are things that I love. Those type of videos do get a lot of hate though (haters gonna hate), but I don't care, I do this for the people that love it as much as I do!

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June Favourites 2015

Posted on 11 July 2015

Time for favourites! I had a bunch of favourites in June, so this is a bit of a long one. I don't think I've ever had so many different things to share in one month before, but I've just been so excited about so many things. Why don't you just dig in without having to read too much of my crap beforehand. As always, I hope you like it!

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Updated what's in my travel makeup bag

Posted on 5 July 2015

Two weeks ago I went on a little trip to Oslo, the capitol of Norway, for a bachelorette party. I realised it had been so long since I last filmed a what's in my makeup bag video, I thought, why not film a new one? The last one I filmed in September, and nine months is basically a lifetime in the YouTube world. As you will soon see I brought alot with me, because we had some many different things on the agenda, from just shopping to going out in the evening. I just managed to fit everything in my Charlotte Tilbury canvas makeup bag that I hauled from Net-a-Porter a few weeks ago.

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Q&A | The Answers

Posted on 4 July 2015

We are getting more and more settled in at home, and earlier this week I finally had time and space to film a few videos. It's not exactly gorgeous yet, but as I'm writing this it's already better, as you'll see in next weeks videos.

But in this video, I FINALLY sit down to answers all of your questions. I was having a bit of doubt about even filming this, since there weren't that many questions, but here it is. I feel incredibly guilty about taking forever to finally film it though, and I hope you guys know that it was not my intention. Please don't hate me! I do explain a bit of what's been going on at home in the video, it's not like I've just been lazy.

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