Going Away

Posted on 28 September 2014

After a crazy hectic week at work it's finally time for me to head to England for a little family holiday. I want to focus on spending time with my husbands family and relaxing, so I won't be posting blog posts or videos next week. I trust that you will understand, and I hope you're excited for all the fun posts and videos that will come when I return. We're ending our trip in London, and spending the last night there. I have a ton of shopping to do while I'm there, and I hope you want to see a vlog! We are also planning on Bicester Village, a designer outlet village outside of Oxford, which I'm super excited about.

I really wanted to go out with a bang and leave you with a bunch of good posts from this week, but typical me, I got sick. It's nothing dangerous, but I'm not feeling amazing and walking and using my hands is painful. It's a good thing I'll have some time to heal on my holiday.

You won't have to miss me too much though, because I will definetly be more active on Instagram while I'm gone, so make sure you are following me. Other than that, I'll be back with new posts and videos on October 6th!

Illustration by Stanley Smith, 1956 via Tumblr

Space.NK Haul

Posted on 27 September 2014

After six long business days, my little haul from Space.NK finally came in the mail. You may remember that Space.NK recently had their annual fall beauty edit events both in the US and in the UK, and this is what I ordered from the UK site last week to get the gigantic goodie bag. I'm so happy with everything and I can't wait to try them. Hopefully many of these will show up in future favorites videos! Let me know if there's anything spesific you want to hear more about, and do tell me if you made a purchase as well.

What's in my travel makeup bag?

Posted on 23 September 2014

It's no big secret that I'm travelling with my family to the UK this week. By now I'm guessing everyone knows since I can't stop mentioning it! I'll be away for almost a week and need quite an assortment of products. I'll be going to a party while I'm there, I'll of course need my everyday makeup, and I also need to do a more polished everyday look, for going shopping in London. Anyone else out there that likes to dress up before going to nice boutiques? I'd die if I had to go to Harrods or Chanel without looking great. It's a bit silly, but I can't help it. Anyway, my makeup bag is filled, and I even had to leave behind a few products I would love to bring. Of course I would love a better selection of blushes (I'll miss my Dolce & Gabanna Provocative), and I'll probably miss my MAC Fix+, but I'm bringing my La Mer The Mist, and that should do the trick. I'm also skipping on fake lashes, since they take up so much space, and I probably wouldn't wear them anyway since it's a 90th birthday party we're going to.

If you want to watch my last makeup bag video, from December 2013, and also see which brushes I'll bring this time as well, you can do that HERE.

Haircare Haul

Posted on 21 September 2014

I did a little bit of shopping at one of my favorite online stores, Feel Unique, a few weeks ago. Two boxes came for me yesterday, and since I didn't have anything exciting to tell you about today, I thought I'd share this little haircare haul. I picked up a few things from the two brands that I would call my favorite haircare brands. Kérastase has been a favorite for years, and I feel that I, more or less, can never go wrong with their products. The other brand is Philip Kingsley, which I just discovered this year, but quickly became a favorite.

From Kérastase I picked up two favorites from the Reflection range for colour treated hair, Bain Chroma Captive shampoo, one of my all time favorites, and Chroma Thermique, a protective milk for heat styling. I've been using the shampoo on and off for a few years now, after previously sticking to the Resistance Bain de Force reinforcing shampoo for ages. The Bain Chroma Captive shampoo doesn't really feel that amazing when I use it, but everytime I stop, I miss it so much. It protects my colour, and at the same time it cleans better than other shampoos for colour treated hair, which is exactly what I need since I only wash my hair every three days. The Chroma Thermique is also a repurchase. I'm really lazy, so I would prefer a spray protector, but this is just so good! Seems that others agree as well, because I keep seing rave reviews.

From british brand Philip Kingsley, I picked up a travel sized shampoo and conditioner, as well as a full size conditioner, all from the Re-Moisturizing range for coarse hair. I've previously tried the Moisture Balancing range, and I really liked what it did for my hair. I'm hoping I'll like this even more, since it's more suited for my hairtype. I love that they make so many of their products in smaller sizes that are much more travel, and trial friendly. They also make little shampoo and conditioner sets, where you get to try out their famed Elasticizer as well, which may just be the most amazing hair mask ever.

On My Radar | Shopping in London

Posted on 17 September 2014

If you've been following me for a while you may know that I'm travelling to the UK next week to visit my husbands grandparents. This is my first time going outside of London, but that doesn't mean we're gonna skip it all together! We are of course ending our trip with two days in London, and I've been planning the shopping for as long as we've been planning this trip. I've got makeup on my mind, and I'm planning on picking up a few things that have been on my wishlist for ages, and if I'm lucky I'll also come across a few exciting new launches (I never trust launch dates completly). You can of course expect tons of Instagram photos while I'm there, and a big haul video when I get back.

  • Christian Louboutin Nail Colour (£36/$50) I love Louboutin shoes, so of course I'm going to love the nail polishes as well. Sight unseen. I just know. I feel that you either love or hate these, and if you love them, and are willing pay up, you apparently get your moneys worth. Reports say that these are in fact as amazing as they sound! But, they are selling out. Hopefully, I can find the ones I want instore at Selfridges, because they're already sold out online. Of course I want to get Rouge Louboutin, seing as it is the Louboutin red, but the one that's on top of my wishlist in Pluminette, which may just be the perfect bright pink, just check out this picture from one of my favorite Instagrammers.
  • Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio (£65) Now, this may just be the perfect makeup bag. Even if it's not technically a bag. This hardcase beauty was once a popular limited edition item, but is now permanent. It has four removable pouches of different sizes, and generous room for your makeup brushes as well. I've get to find a makeup bag that can contain both makeup and brushes, without it being mushed together, which is why this caught my eye. It's not really in my budget for this trip though, so I may just scope it out and put it on my Christmas wishlist.
  • Diptyque scented candles (£40) What can I say? Of course I want more Diptyque candles! I'm planning on picking up one or two that will work with gloomy days and sweather weather.
  • Tom Ford makeup brushes (£36-80) These have been on my wishlist basically since they launched, but since I had so many MAC brushes that I loved, and considering the hefty price tag, I've always skipped on them. It's just recently that I've been feeling that I can't find the perfect face brushes, and when mid-range just can't cut it, why not look to the top? The bronzer and cheek brushes are on top of my shopping list this time.
  • Chanel Beige perfume (approx £100) This beautiful creature is part of Chanels Les Exclusifs de Chanel fragrance range, which is only sold in select boutiques, which is why I hadn't smelled it until my first ever Chanel visit this summer. This is very different from my usual fragrances, and my husband was honest to admit he didn't like it, but for me, it was true love. It's elegant and timeless, and something I can see myself wearing year round for many, many years.
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill liquid eyeliner (fall 2014) Now, I don't even know if these will launch the UK, but a girl can hope because they look amazing! There are four metallic liquid eyeliners in the fall collection, and they are said to be limited edition. They look like such a fun and easy way to spice up a look, and I think these would look amazing if lined over (not on top of) black eyeliner.

Declutter my Collecion Part 3

Posted on 16 September 2014

The third and final part of my collection clearout series is ready, and in this video we dive into my lip drawer and go through all of my lip products. For part one of the video (face products) go HERE, and for part two (eye products) go HERE. I hope you enjoyed this series, I know I got alot out of it and I love that I don't have a ton of, well, trash, in my collection anymore.

Current Obsessions | Nude Lips

Posted on 15 September 2014

When I was planning this post, I was going to call it current favorites: lip products, thinking I was going to tell you about all of my favorite lip colours. But as I was lining them up, I noticed that every single one of them was a pinky nude. Is this really all I've been wearing these past months? It seems so. A few years ago I wouldn't be caught dead in nude lips, and here I am, a true nude lip lover. There, I said it! But even though they're all in the same colour range, this is still a post about my favorite lip products of the moment. Top to bottom:

  • Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Pink Mauve (£16/$22) Every girl (or boy) needs a nude lipliner in their arsenal, and this has been my favorite this summer. Being a lip product addict, I do of course have several super similar nudes, but there's just something about Bobbi Brown lipliners. I find that this works well with all of the lipsticks/glosses in this post, except maybe Ballet Twist from CoverGirl, which honestly doesn't need a liner. This mauvy pink (obviously) can also be worn by itself, if you want to channel that very hip 90s matte lip.
  • CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in 205 Ballet Twist ($8.99) I picked this up on a whim while I was in the US, because I rembered Tiffany D had raved about it. I'm not usually a fan of drugstore lip products, but this is just so simple to use I can't help but like it. The formula is nowhere near amazing, but the sheer peachy pink nude is so flattering, and since it's so light it doesn't need too much precision, so I find myself just throwing this on if I don't want to go without lipstick, but actual lipstick feels like it may be too much.
  • Hourglass Extreme Sheen lipgloss in Canvas (£21/$28) This completly opaque pink mauve lipgloss was love at first sight, and I find myself loving it for a sexy lip when I'm wearing a full face of makeup. It's that 90s lip, but with a gorgeous shine. It's not sticky, and it stays put longer than regular lip glosses. This is the darkest of the shades.
  • Tom Ford Lip Color in 12 Nude Vanille (£37/$50) It may not come as a surprise that this is included, but I love it so much I don't mind writing about it again. This had been almost unused in my collection for years, because I feel it is a bit light to wear on it's own, but paired with the Chantecaille lipgloss in Lucky (below) it's a perfect nude lip that works both day and night. The formula of this lipstick is great, and doesn't look nasty with a gloss on top. And let's not forget the packaging, which is just so luxurious.
  • Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Lucky (£26/$33) Ever since picking this up last December, this has been my holy grail lipgloss. It's light pink with gold shimmer (transforming it into a peachy pink) colours works with just about any lipstick, and looks great on it's own too. It's not sticky either, and I honestly think it is the perfect universal lipgloss. I think this is one everyone could wear and love. If you just want one lipgloss in your makeup bag, this is it.
  • Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick in Fig ($24) This lipstick has been my number one go-to lipstick this summer, and I've been carrying it with me everywhere I go. I've probably mentioned this in several favorites videos, that's how much I love it. I hate that Bite Beauty is only available at Sephora, but atleast they ship to several new destinations now (including UK, Germany and Norway), and have stores all over the world. This is only bordering on nude, as it is a light pink, but on me it wears nude. The formula is buttery soft, and wears well. Great light shade for any pale and light skinned girls!
  • NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine (£18/$25) This was a favorite years ago, and as you will see in tomorrows video (declutter part 3) I rediscovered this last week. Pulling it from my collection, I immediately remembered why I loved it so much all those years ago. This is another pencil type lipstick, and I love that style in particular because it's so easy and quick to use. The colour is very similar to Canvas, but with more pink. This is a matte lipstick, but not so much that it's drying. It's very soft, and it has small amounts of microshimmer, which gives it a satin-like effect on the lips. This is another handbag favorite, and a shade that I think would work well on many skintones.

Declutter my Collection Part 2

Posted on 13 September 2014

It's time for part two in the series of out clearing out my makeup collection. In this video I go through my eye drawer, so eyeshadows, palettes, eyeliners, pigments and glitters. I even go through my old MAC Pro palettes, which as you will see, was about time. If you want to watch part one, where I clean out my face drawer, you can do that HERE. Stay tuned for part three, my lip drawer, on Tuesday.

Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm

Posted on 12 September 2014

Aesop Rejuventate Intensive Body Balm (£25/$35/120ml) is a very rich body balm, enriched with vanilla, sandalwood and tangerine rind oil, for dry skin. It is light yellow in texture (very similar to Kiehl's Creme de Corps), and the texture is somewhere between a cream and a balm, and it feels quite airy. I have the small size, which comes in a metal tube. There is also a 500ml version that comes in their signature brown bottle with a pump (£69/$97).

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. That much for a little tube? I agree, it is alot, but luckily, a little goes a long way. You may remember that I was giftet this for my birthday, and honestly, it would take alot for me to pay that much for something that I go through so quickly. So this is obviously a luxury item, and you can tell. The first thing you notice is the yummy smell. It's a soft and almost warm smell, that lingers on the skin without being overbearing. The first time I used this my husband commented on the lovely smell, and asked what it was, which he rarely does. I use this every night after my shower, and apply it all over my body. As I said, you need very little, and about a pea size is enough for an entire arm. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and supple. If you're used to body lotions or balms for dry skin, you will love that this isn't sticky. In the Aesop range, this is the body balm for most hydration, and as you know I have very dry skin. This leaves me feeling hydrated all day and night, but I would say very dry patches such as elbows may need extra amounts or a heavier cream. Know that it does require a bit of work during application, but I feel that is normal with products that are heavier then creams

On a negative note though, I was surprised to find that there was actually a bit of air in the tube. What's up with that? That being said, that's the only real negative thing about this. I do find that the tube is a good match to this product, and the formula is thick enough so that product doesn't spill out when you're opening it. It's also great for controlling amount, and of course tubes are the easiest containers to get every little bit out of.

Overall, even looking at the price, I really like this body balm. It does it's job, which is saying something when you have dry skin. It smells delicious, and the packaging works. It's also suited for sensitive skin, and I have not experienced any problems over these pasts weeks. Let's not forget it's delicious scent! It also feels very light, which is a nice change from similar products.

Declutter my Collection Part 1

Posted on 10 September 2014

So, I recently felt very inspired (especially by Maggie) to really clean out my make-up collection. I've never really gone throught it like I do in this video, so I thought I would bring you guys along for the ride. Warning, it is quite a long video, and it took some time really going through everything, so I ended up putting it into three parts. Part one is now ready for watching, part two will be ready on Saturday and part three on Tuesday next week.

Space.NK UK Fall Beauty Edit Event

Posted on 9 September 2014

Finally, Space.NK have announced the UK version of the Fall Beauty Event. The goodie bag is a little bit different from the US version, but I personally prefer this one. So, on wednesday September 17th, you can get this goodiebag if you shop for atleast £150 (€185 in Ireland). The event will be both in store and online, and I will come back with more information about purchasing online. But it will be on a first come, first serve basis, and there will probably be a code. The UK site offers European and worldwide delivery.

If you want to visit the event instore, get a ticket for your local store (they're £15 and redeemable against purchase). Find all the instore information HERE, and how to purchase tickets which will guarantee you a goodiebag.

Are you guys excited? Will you be shopping and getting the bag? I'm super excited, and was happy to see that many products that I've been wanting to try are in the bag, including ByTerry Baume de Rose, Sisley Black Rose Cream mask and Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara. My shopping bag is ready, and I will of course be sharing what I got when the time comes.

For information about the US event which is tomorrow, September 10th, click HERE

EDIT: The gift bag is added automatically to your cart during checkout when you have items worth £150 or more. I just placed my order for Norway, the gift bag in cart, so hopefully it goes through. Nowhere does it mention shipping outside of UK and Ireland, but it doesn't say they won't ship it either, so everything should be fine.

Chanel Joues Contraste in 80 Jersey and 170 Rose Glacier

Posted on 8 September 2014

With the launch of Chanels new powder foundation, Aqualumière Loose Powder, they also launched two new Joues Contraste blushes (£31/$45). They launched in Europe, Asia and the Middle East a few weeks ago, and should launch in the US in September. The colours are 80 Jersey, which is more or less a light orange shade with matching microshimmer, and 170 Rose Glacier which is a beautiful and bright pink, with gold microshimmer. They both have the typical Joues Contraste rose smell, which I'm personally not a big fan of. I have heard that Jersey will be a Europe exclusive, but I can't be sure until I read anything about the US launch. Both are limited edition.

For years now the Joues Contraste blushes have been some of my favorites. I'm a complete sucker for packaging so of course I love anything Chanel puts out. The colours are always beautiful, the formula is not powdery and they're always so radiant, even if it's not a shimmery shade. They're easy to work with, and wear well. From time to time I hear that there are two different formulas to these blushes and that the US versions are different from the rest of the world. I don't know if that has changed, because it has been a while, but unless otherwise mentioned, all of mine are from Europe.

170 Rose Glacier is my favorite of the two. It is a very bright, fun pink that I personally feel would be best suited for a heavy nighttime makeup. It may have a bit too much shimmer for some. I pulled some other blushes from my collection for swatches, and I would say the most similar blush that I own is NARS Orgasm. They are both pink with gold shimmer, although the gold is much more muted in Rose Glacier.

70 Jersey is the most unique of the two shades. As you can see from the swatches I didn't really have any that are particularly similar. It looks quite brown on my computer screen, but I assure you it is orange, with a slight hint of brown. The blush that swatches the closest in person is Chanel Joues Contraste Espiègle (LE shade from spring 2011), although Jersey is a bit more brown with less shimmer.

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad

Posted on 6 September 2014

 Today I wanted to introduce you to my new eyeshadow quad, Tom Ford's Nude Dip, from his fall 2014 collection. It seems that everyone and their mother has been going crazy over this, and having it in my hands, I understand why. This is actually my first ever Tom Ford makeup product outside of lipstick. I often have trouble buying eyeshadow palettes, because I feel that I have to want every colour in it, not just one or two. When I first saw the pictures of this quad, I knew it would suit me perfectly. It launched in the US a few weeks ago, and sold out in a blink, so I was checking Selfridges twice a day for weeks, to make sure I got my hands on one. I'm so happy to have this as my first TF quad, and I think this will be used very often.

The four shades are all very metallic, and buttery soft. You can use them both wet and dry, but I haven't found a good technique for using them wet yet. The colours are a champagne, a light pink, a taupey grey and a dark brown shade. The first three are the most metallic (just the way mama likes it!), and the brown is almost a matte metallic with a warm microshimmer. The light pink is easily my favorite, and I think that the dark brown can easily be duped. They are an absolute dream to work with, and I experienced no fall-out. This is the most expensive eyeshadow quad I own, but hands down also the best one. It just feels so luxurious, and I think that's what one would expect from a quad in it's price range. I can't wait to layer the two lightest shades over By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow eyeshadows for the most metallic eye ever!

Now, I know that this is more or less sold out, but Harrods still has it in stock, and they ship to tons of locations worldside. You can also check your local Tom Ford boutique or counter if you have one, as they may still have them in stock.

Space.NK US Fall Beauty Edit Event

Posted on 4 September 2014

I thought I would share a very fun event with my US readers. If you're familiar with Space.NK you know that they do these special events about four times a year, where if you buy for a certain amount you get a gigantic gift bag. So basically, you have to book a spot at your local Space.NK store on September 10th, and shop for atleast $250 and you will get the amazingness that is in the photo above. Spaces are limited. Find all the information HERE.

Still no news on an event in the UK stores and online, but hopefully they'll have an event pretty soon too and I will update you when I know more. I'm ready for a UK event, I'll tell you that!

August Favorites

Posted on 3 September 2014

It's been way too long, but I have finally filmed another video. In this video I show you all of my favorite beauty products from this past month, as well as a few random ones. I have a bunch of makeup products in this video that you may already have seen on me, so check that out. And as promised, links for reviews of the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask and the Eve Lom Rescue Mask.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

Posted on 2 September 2014

The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss (£42/$54/100ml) is a brightening, lightening and tightening mask from Bliss' Treat Yourself skincare range. They claim it is a 'super quick fix for dull, tired and sallow, 'I'm sick of my skin' skin'. It's made to mimic the famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial that you can get at any Bliss spa. I bought this on a whim a few months ago, when my skin was looking a bit dull, and this looked, well, fun. It has been featured as an InStyle Best Beauty Buy five years in a row.

It comes in a white bottle with a pump that dispenses very small amouts, and i would say that I easily use 15 pumps for a full face application. The texture is a light coral, almost milky, colour and feels somewhat like a light gel. It has a light and sweet smell, that somehow reminds me of traditional, Norwegian tran, which is cod liver oil with lemon flavour. But in a good way, I promise. You apply it onto damp skin, and once in contact with water it lathers into something resembling a not-so-dense shaving foam and turns white. This is when it starts getting fun. You leave it on for five minutes while little air bubbles pop on your skin. It has a tingling sensation, and at the same time it feels like it's sliding off your face. After five minutes most of the foam is gone, and you basically look like you have a soapy foam beard. I end my session by removing any residue with a warm wash cloth.

I'm not really sure how this crazy technology works, but it does. The results are immediate, and the skin looks bright and refreshed. I love using this in the morning maybe twice a week, or before getting ready for a special occasion or event. I love that it comes in a very generous size too, and this will probably last me a full year. Using it actually manages to give me joy. How is it possible to care so much for a facial mask? Does it give any long term effects though? It's hard to tell, but I wouldn't really think so, although dull skin hasn't been much of an issue since I started using this. I believe it's one of those products where it's hard to know how much it really does until you stop using it. I would still love it even if the effect only lasted a day though, it's absolutely worth it.

Using it has made me wonder about how the actual spa treatment feels like, and what the results are. Surely it must be fantastic? They have spas several places in the US, as well as London, Barcelona, Doha, St. Petersburg and Hong Kong.

I would recommend this facial mask for anyone that needs a pick-me-up for dull skin. Using it is so lovely, and I believe it would benefit all skintypes. To make it even better, the big size makes it an absolute steal. It's impossible for me not to love this, as it is easy, fun, quick and gives great results.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask

Posted on 1 September 2014

Eve Lom's Rescue Mask (£35/$50/50ml) is a deep cleansing clay mask for all skintypes. It comes in a white tube, but there is also a bigger 100ml size that comes in a pot. This is supposedly the star product of Eve Lom's skincare range. I've been using this mask for almost two months now, twice a week in the evenings. I also use this as a spot treatment, and I may use it as often as every other day if I have a particularly pesky spot. It has won InStyle's award for "best mask for congested skin" for seven consecutive years.

With this mask, Eve Lom promises deep cleansing without drying, and it's suppost to help smooth the skins surface, calm redness and irritation and soothe puffy skin and eyes. I mainly rely on this for deep cleansing, and I love it for that purpose. It is hands down the best cleansing mask I have ever tried. I have experienced a bit of oily skin this summer, and this is excellent for oil control. I especially notice that when I use it as a spot treatment, and it just dries pimples so beautifully. Sometimes once is enough for spots, and you can see the spot getting smaller throughout the day. On a regular basis though, I use it all over my face twice a week, but only post shower in the evenings when my pores are open. I always leave it on for 20 minutes, and Eve Lom recommends 15-20 minutes, but I notice that when I have oiliness or spots those extra five minutes make a difference. It dries down to a hard finish that's not uncomfortable. Eve Lom recommends you remove it with a dry cloth in upward movements (which exfoliates), but I prefer just removing it like I would any other dry mask, using a wet wash cloth.  I love that it comes in a tube. Allthough the bigger one gives better value money wize, it seems very unpractical for two reasons. The first being that you have to shake it before use, and you can actually hear that it goes a little bit thinner right away. The other being that the tube gives you great contron of how much product you want to use, it's quite thick, so you won't end up squeezing out too much. The bigger pot does come with a spatula, but it just seems that it would be so messy compared to the tube.

The product itself is a very light gray, almost white, clay with tiny black grains of what I believe may be sweet almond seed meal, but don't quote me on that. The main ingredient is kaolin, which is a white clay often found it clay masks. I know there are many people that react to this particular type of clay, but I have never experienced any problems, even though I have sensitive skin. If you think you may have had a reaction to kaolin before, you may want to get a sample first. It smells very strongly of camphor, which I find quite envigorating, allthough I know it's something that people may dislike.

All in all I have been extremly happy with this mask. It cleanses so well, yet I don't find it drying. I love using it on those days where I can relax in the evenings, and I always feel like I'm pampering myself when I use this. This has quickly turned into a holy grail product for me, and I would easily say it's worth much more than its price. I would recommend this for anyone with normal or dry skin that needs that extra cleanse once in a while. I wouldn't not recommend this to someone with oily skin, it's just that I don't have any experience as to how this would work when you need more oil control than I do. However, it does help with oil, and obviously with impurities and congested skin, so I would give this a go if you're looking for a cleansing mask, no matter what your skintype is.