Eve Lom Rescue Mask

Posted on 1 September 2014

Eve Lom's Rescue Mask (£35/$50/50ml) is a deep cleansing clay mask for all skintypes. It comes in a white tube, but there is also a bigger 100ml size that comes in a pot. This is supposedly the star product of Eve Lom's skincare range. I've been using this mask for almost two months now, twice a week in the evenings. I also use this as a spot treatment, and I may use it as often as every other day if I have a particularly pesky spot. It has won InStyle's award for "best mask for congested skin" for seven consecutive years.

With this mask, Eve Lom promises deep cleansing without drying, and it's suppost to help smooth the skins surface, calm redness and irritation and soothe puffy skin and eyes. I mainly rely on this for deep cleansing, and I love it for that purpose. It is hands down the best cleansing mask I have ever tried. I have experienced a bit of oily skin this summer, and this is excellent for oil control. I especially notice that when I use it as a spot treatment, and it just dries pimples so beautifully. Sometimes once is enough for spots, and you can see the spot getting smaller throughout the day. On a regular basis though, I use it all over my face twice a week, but only post shower in the evenings when my pores are open. I always leave it on for 20 minutes, and Eve Lom recommends 15-20 minutes, but I notice that when I have oiliness or spots those extra five minutes make a difference. It dries down to a hard finish that's not uncomfortable. Eve Lom recommends you remove it with a dry cloth in upward movements (which exfoliates), but I prefer just removing it like I would any other dry mask, using a wet wash cloth.  I love that it comes in a tube. Allthough the bigger one gives better value money wize, it seems very unpractical for two reasons. The first being that you have to shake it before use, and you can actually hear that it goes a little bit thinner right away. The other being that the tube gives you great contron of how much product you want to use, it's quite thick, so you won't end up squeezing out too much. The bigger pot does come with a spatula, but it just seems that it would be so messy compared to the tube.

The product itself is a very light gray, almost white, clay with tiny black grains of what I believe may be sweet almond seed meal, but don't quote me on that. The main ingredient is kaolin, which is a white clay often found it clay masks. I know there are many people that react to this particular type of clay, but I have never experienced any problems, even though I have sensitive skin. If you think you may have had a reaction to kaolin before, you may want to get a sample first. It smells very strongly of camphor, which I find quite envigorating, allthough I know it's something that people may dislike.

All in all I have been extremly happy with this mask. It cleanses so well, yet I don't find it drying. I love using it on those days where I can relax in the evenings, and I always feel like I'm pampering myself when I use this. This has quickly turned into a holy grail product for me, and I would easily say it's worth much more than its price. I would recommend this for anyone with normal or dry skin that needs that extra cleanse once in a while. I wouldn't not recommend this to someone with oily skin, it's just that I don't have any experience as to how this would work when you need more oil control than I do. However, it does help with oil, and obviously with impurities and congested skin, so I would give this a go if you're looking for a cleansing mask, no matter what your skintype is.

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