Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

Posted on 2 September 2014

The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss (£42/$54/100ml) is a brightening, lightening and tightening mask from Bliss' Treat Yourself skincare range. They claim it is a 'super quick fix for dull, tired and sallow, 'I'm sick of my skin' skin'. It's made to mimic the famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial that you can get at any Bliss spa. I bought this on a whim a few months ago, when my skin was looking a bit dull, and this looked, well, fun. It has been featured as an InStyle Best Beauty Buy five years in a row.

It comes in a white bottle with a pump that dispenses very small amouts, and i would say that I easily use 15 pumps for a full face application. The texture is a light coral, almost milky, colour and feels somewhat like a light gel. It has a light and sweet smell, that somehow reminds me of traditional, Norwegian tran, which is cod liver oil with lemon flavour. But in a good way, I promise. You apply it onto damp skin, and once in contact with water it lathers into something resembling a not-so-dense shaving foam and turns white. This is when it starts getting fun. You leave it on for five minutes while little air bubbles pop on your skin. It has a tingling sensation, and at the same time it feels like it's sliding off your face. After five minutes most of the foam is gone, and you basically look like you have a soapy foam beard. I end my session by removing any residue with a warm wash cloth.

I'm not really sure how this crazy technology works, but it does. The results are immediate, and the skin looks bright and refreshed. I love using this in the morning maybe twice a week, or before getting ready for a special occasion or event. I love that it comes in a very generous size too, and this will probably last me a full year. Using it actually manages to give me joy. How is it possible to care so much for a facial mask? Does it give any long term effects though? It's hard to tell, but I wouldn't really think so, although dull skin hasn't been much of an issue since I started using this. I believe it's one of those products where it's hard to know how much it really does until you stop using it. I would still love it even if the effect only lasted a day though, it's absolutely worth it.

Using it has made me wonder about how the actual spa treatment feels like, and what the results are. Surely it must be fantastic? They have spas several places in the US, as well as London, Barcelona, Doha, St. Petersburg and Hong Kong.

I would recommend this facial mask for anyone that needs a pick-me-up for dull skin. Using it is so lovely, and I believe it would benefit all skintypes. To make it even better, the big size makes it an absolute steal. It's impossible for me not to love this, as it is easy, fun, quick and gives great results.

  1. Uuhh, dette MÅ sjekkest ut nøyere ser jeg