Get Ready With Me | Wedding Anniversary

Posted on 31 January 2015

It's been almost two weeks since my very first wedding anniversary. It was such a lovely day, and I'm so excited to be able to say that I've been married for over a year! We hade a wonderful evening where we went out to eat (for the first time in ages), and when we came home we opened a bottle of champagne that we got as a wedding gift and watched one of our favorite moveis, Jurassic Park. That's right, I said it. But, on our special day I took some time for you guys as well, and filmed myself getting ready. This is the first time I've made a real get ready with me video (I don't count the one I made at the beginning of you YouTube-career, it was a bit of a dud), and it took ages to edit so I really hope you like it. If you do, let me know and you can expect more in the future. And if you do, I'll definetly get a better microphone.

If you want to see a complete list of products used you can do that HERE, in the downbar under the video, and if you want to see my eyebrow tutorial you can find that HERE.

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Another Beauty Haul | Christmas Gifts + Sales

Posted on 28 January 2015

It's time for the first haul of the year, a large, collective beauty haul. I tend to do alot of shopping during the holidays, and I ended up buying even more than usual from the sales. I decided to make this video a little bit more than just sales, so in this video you'll also see the beauty items I got for Christmas, as well as a few bits and bobs I've picked up over the past few weeks. I've got so many exciting products to try out now, and of course you'll be seeing reviews, and hopefully a bunch of them will end up in my monthly favorites as well. But as always, don't hesitate to ask if there's a particular product you want to hear more about. As I mention I'm planning on doing a seperate haul for spring collections and new releases, and that will be next week or the one after that if everything goes according to plan.

That being said, I'm trying to be a good girl and not go too crazy with the shopping. I'm trying to budget, and I also want to focus on buying bigger things that I have wanted for a long time, instead of just throwing it all in the pit of beauty products out there. But don't fear, I will still have tons of things to write about, so don't you worry, there will still be some shopping.

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Posted on 26 January 2015

January means new beauty launches left and right, and there's so many new things coming out now I'm almost getting dizzy. There's so many fun things hitting the stores, but we can't have it all, so I picked out a few of the things that I'm most excited about. And the best thing is that these aren't limited edition, so you don't have to get stressed out while trying to get your hands on the small quantities.

  • YSL Volupté Tint-in-Oil So far YSL has only had big hits in their Volupté lip-range, and these new lip oils look very promising. They come in eight shades, and they're moisturizing while tinting the lips. Disclaimer, I may have already picked up one of these a few days ago, and I will definetly be getting one more before testing them out for you. Keep an eye out for these on the blog.
  • Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Dior are launching several new powders right now, and I can't wait to try them. Dior really know what they're doing with their face powders, and some of you may know that's my favorite kind of make-up. There's not much information on these yet, and I think they're officially only launched in France (and my French is rusty to say the least), but it looks like there's a loose powder in four shades, a compact powder, a bronzer and also a liquid foundation. Hopefully we will see these in stores other places very soon!
  • Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer The new generation of primers are suppost to 'prepare the skin for a perfect complexion just like a painter prepares his canvas with a basecoat'. And I'm all about primers. Hopefully these will finally be a good option for those of us that need colour correction all over the face. The green one will be mine.
  • Giorgio Armani Eye Tints Armani call these tints, but let's be honest, aren't they just cream eyeshadows? Or something similar, at the very least. These are going to transform (their word, not mine) from liquid to solid, and thus lasting all day without creasing. That sounds good to me, and in swatches they look gorgeous. Can't wait to see these with my own eyes and have a swatch-a-thon.
  • NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation A new foundation from NARS you say? Well colour me intrigued! The blogosphere has been going crazy over this as of late. It's suppost to have full coverage, but look natural and last for 16 hours. I think we all know we can take that with a grain of salt, but I still want to try it. It seems that NARS can do no wrong in the complexion department.
  • MAC Viva Glam x Miley After years of being a MAC fiend I'm more or less over their constant new collections, but the latest Viva Glam campaign has caught my eye. This year the spokesperson is Miley Cyrus, whom I really don't like, but I'm loving that shade of pink. It's a beautiful shade a little on the warmer side, perfect for those, like me, who like Candy Yum Yum but are a little afraid of wearing neon. And as a big plus, every scent goes to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Now this is somewhat limited edition, but they produce so many hopefully you won't have a problem finding these.

Link Love | Week 3&4

Posted on 25 January 2015

Time really flies and it's Sunday once again. With work, family and life in general I can't say I've had a very relaxing week, but atleast there's a brand new week ahead of us. I'm working today, but never on Mondays, so I always have a nice and quiet start to the week. But since most of you are probably not working today, I hope you find time for a little bit of relaxation before returning to the real world tomorrow. And to do that, why not catch up on the best of blogs and videos from the past two weeks?


YouTuber Confessions

Posted on 24 January 2015

I'm honestly not on track with my filming yet, so today my offering is a little tag. My best friend Anna tagged me ages ago (make sure you check her out), and I'm just now doing it. I don't really do a ton of tags, but I thought this one would be a nice little mix-up where you can get to know me a little better. There are ten questions in total, and if you want to hear my answers just watch the video above. Make sure you also check out the other YouTubers I talk about in this video: Trisha Paytas, Rose Keats and Jennifer Ross. I do have plenty of favorites that I didn't mention in the video, just because I could go on forever, but to see a full list of the channels I subscribe to you can just go HERE.

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What's in My Bag? | Going Out

Posted on 20 January 2015

It's a brand new week and I'm finally back with a new video. Last week was not my best, which is why I went silent. Not only was my husband stuck on an oil rig, but on Friday I had a minor routine surgery. Don't worry, I am absolutely fine and in a few weeks I'll know if it was successful.

In todays video I'm chatting about my new handbag. I just love what's in my bag videos, so I wanted to do another one, but this one is a going out version. Since there's not really that much in there I decided to talk a little bit about the handbag itself, kind of a first impressions or mini-review if you will. I absolutely adore my little wallet on a chain, and I'm happy it lived up to my expectations after being on my wishlist for over a year. What I forgot to mention in the video is that I love the size, and I think it's perfect for a clutch-type bag. It's bigger than a regular wallet and it will look good on alot of body types. It's not the cheapest of bags, but I think it looks elegant and exclusive, and it's a fraction of the price of a Chanel WOC.

Link Love | Week 1&2

Posted on 11 January 2015

My most popular Instagram picture to date
We're well into the new year and I'm due some links! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and that you're relaxing and that's why you're here. I don't have a large amound to share today, but I have a few good ones so dig in:



2014 Beauty Favorites

Posted on

Today I want to share the ultimate favorites video, featuring my most favorite products of 2014. These are all products I have discovered, or rediscovered, in the last year, and all of these are holy grail products of mine. Most of these I can not imagine my life without and if I lost them I would repurchase them in a heartbeat. I'm so excited about this video and I hope you find it inspiring. I'm absolutely a product junkie, and this means so much more than just my regular monthly favorites. I'm all ready excited for a new year of favorites, and I wonder what will end up in my 2015 favorites! I think this is going to be a great year, and hopefully I will make some amazing discoveries as well. Be sure you leave me some inspiration as well, and tell me about your favorites from the year that has passed. I'm not going to say much more, I'm just going to let the video litterally speak for itself (too much Parks & Rec).

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Posted on 8 January 2015

I know it's not actually spring yet, but I always get a spring feeling once I enter a new year. There's snow and it's windy and miserable outside, but I'm ready for a brighter day. And one of the best things about spring is spring collections. It's one of my favorites (after fall), and everyone has something exciting to offer. It does bug me that a few of these launched in the US before Christmas. I'm all about early, but that's too early even for me. None of these have launched yet in Europe though, and I'm all giddy about swatching and buying. And using, of course. In this, the first 'on my radar' of the year I've collected the products that I'm most excited about.

  • Dior Kingdom of Colors I was honestly pretty dissapointed in Diors new offerings. I like that they have a brand new product (five kohl eyeliners) but as a whole I thougt it was all a bit meh. Their main product is the 'Kingdom of Colors Eye, Lip & Face palette', which is beautiful, but I just hate all in one palettes. I get that they can be practical for some people, but I'm just not one of them. All I can think of is how messy it would look after a while and how annoying it would be when the liner dries out and the lip stick and liner starts to smell wierd. Anywho, one thing obviously caught my eye and it is of course the nail polishes. I love a good limited edition polish, and all of these colours are perfect for spring and there's a funky top coat in there too.
  • Chanel Reverie Parisienne Chanel always knows how to do spring. Year after year they're always my favorite spring collections, and this year is no different. If I had my way I would get everything, but a girl has to compromise with her wallet. It's not a very exciting collection, but it looks good as a whole and has tons of exciting items. I'm a big fan of Chanel polishes, so they're obviously what I'm most excited about, and the light green 'Paradisio' is my favorite of the three. I'm also interested in the two eye shadow palettes and the two Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. And you have to take notice of the beautiful Jardin de Chanel blush in Camelia Rose, which is the star of the collection. It's absolutely gorgeous but I'll have to swatch this before I make up my mind.
  • Guerlain Les Tendres Aah, good old Guerlain, they know what they're doing. It seems like they can do no wrong in the face powder department. The beautiful Meteorites pressed powder in a beautiful new casing has caught my eye (I'm not sure, but I believe this is the same old powder), as has the very cute Meteorites Perles de Blush.
  • Givenchy COLOreCREATION First off, it pains me to type out the name of this collection, I absolutely hate it. That being said I love how they went neon with their products. I'm kind of intrigued with everything they're launching, but what has really caught my eye are these ultra bright nail polishes. They just look so fun, and I think they will be an awesome way to spice up a simple everyday look.
  • Clarins Garden Escape I never thought I would see the day when I'm intrigued by Clarins, but here we are. The web has been buzzing about these Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils, and so have I. They're suppost to nourish and hydrate with just a hint of colour, and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Vlogmas Part Five

Posted on 4 January 2015

We're well into the new year and it's really time for vlogmas to come to an end. Now that I'm sitting here I have no idea why it sounded good to publish it this long after New Year's Eve. I'm honestly over the whole thing, and I'm all about embracing 2015 and dreaming of spring. But alas here we are for the last time this holiday season, and in this last part you can come with us on our new year celebration, but there's mostly alot of chatting from me. I have to say I've learnt alot vlogging, and I'll be sure to put it to good use. But in the meantime I hope you enjoy the finale of vlogmas!

Looking back at 2014 + My Goals for 2015

Posted on 2 January 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm starting the year off with a chatty video, and little bit about my 2014, and alot about my thoughts and plans for 2015. I've set myself some goals, just to make my life better and easier, and as always trying to make myself a better person. I want to put more focus on myself this year, and not only catering to my son and husband. I think it's easy for moms out there to always put others first, but we have to remember ourselves as well. It's too easy to just get lost in our busy lives. So this year I want to focus on just being happy, and not just letting the year slip by. Which is also why I want to accomplish something this year, and not letting this year be like any other. Because why not make it special?

In all honesty, the most special thing that I want to happend this year is for us to have another baby. Our family is not complete yet, and I constantly have a longing for a little brother or sister for Edward. But something like that isn't always the easiest to plan, so we'll just have to see. I will of course let you know in due time whenever I have another one on the way.

Well, I suggest you watch the video now, because there's not really a point in me writing everything I've just said in the video. I'm feeling good about 2015 so far, and I've been productive so far. As soon as I notice that I'm procrastinating I try and tell myself 'get it together, Kaja!' and that usually helps. In a year I'll check back in and talk about how it went, etc.

I hope you entered the year in a safe and fun fashion, and that you're also ready for a brand new year. I really do believe that we make our own happiness, so even if you didn't have the best 2014, you can still make this one your best year yet!