Another Beauty Haul | Christmas Gifts + Sales

Posted on 28 January 2015

It's time for the first haul of the year, a large, collective beauty haul. I tend to do alot of shopping during the holidays, and I ended up buying even more than usual from the sales. I decided to make this video a little bit more than just sales, so in this video you'll also see the beauty items I got for Christmas, as well as a few bits and bobs I've picked up over the past few weeks. I've got so many exciting products to try out now, and of course you'll be seeing reviews, and hopefully a bunch of them will end up in my monthly favorites as well. But as always, don't hesitate to ask if there's a particular product you want to hear more about. As I mention I'm planning on doing a seperate haul for spring collections and new releases, and that will be next week or the one after that if everything goes according to plan.

That being said, I'm trying to be a good girl and not go too crazy with the shopping. I'm trying to budget, and I also want to focus on buying bigger things that I have wanted for a long time, instead of just throwing it all in the pit of beauty products out there. But don't fear, I will still have tons of things to write about, so don't you worry, there will still be some shopping.

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