Looking back at 2014 + My Goals for 2015

Posted on 2 January 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm starting the year off with a chatty video, and little bit about my 2014, and alot about my thoughts and plans for 2015. I've set myself some goals, just to make my life better and easier, and as always trying to make myself a better person. I want to put more focus on myself this year, and not only catering to my son and husband. I think it's easy for moms out there to always put others first, but we have to remember ourselves as well. It's too easy to just get lost in our busy lives. So this year I want to focus on just being happy, and not just letting the year slip by. Which is also why I want to accomplish something this year, and not letting this year be like any other. Because why not make it special?

In all honesty, the most special thing that I want to happend this year is for us to have another baby. Our family is not complete yet, and I constantly have a longing for a little brother or sister for Edward. But something like that isn't always the easiest to plan, so we'll just have to see. I will of course let you know in due time whenever I have another one on the way.

Well, I suggest you watch the video now, because there's not really a point in me writing everything I've just said in the video. I'm feeling good about 2015 so far, and I've been productive so far. As soon as I notice that I'm procrastinating I try and tell myself 'get it together, Kaja!' and that usually helps. In a year I'll check back in and talk about how it went, etc.

I hope you entered the year in a safe and fun fashion, and that you're also ready for a brand new year. I really do believe that we make our own happiness, so even if you didn't have the best 2014, you can still make this one your best year yet!

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