On my radar: Looking towards autumn

Posted on 28 August 2014

September is only a few days ago, and I am ready. I have to admit, I prefer spring and summer. I love sunshine and being warm, and I love having lots of time to spend with my family. But I'm glad to finally start talking about autumn, and finally unpacking lots of cute clothes and accessories better suited for the darker months. Especially since I already have the autumn feeling (while other people are still wearing shorts), since it's been raining almost non-stop this month. For me, autumn is about working hard and feeling cozy, being with snug clothing or getting that feeling at home. I've picked out a few things that have been on my mind lately, things that are all getting me excited for the colder weather.

  • Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment (£51/$75/25ml) and Fabulous Face Oil (£40/$57/25ml) Since I have dry skin I usually need some extra moisture during the darker months. I had samples of both of these a little while ago and really liked using them at night. Not only are they luxurious and very moisturizing, but they're the first facial oils that haven't broken me out! A miracle no doubt. I haven't decided which I should get yet though. The Fabulous Face Oil smells gorgeous, but is meant to use as a daily moisturizer, while the Damascan Rose Facial Treatment has a stronger smell, but it is obviously meant to be more of a treatment and it targeted towards dry or distressed skin.
  • Tom Ford Velvet Orchid ($112/50ml) For years now, Tom Fords Black Orchid perfume has been my signature scent. It's so gorgeous and sexy, but it is quite heavy. For the past years I've only used it during autumn and winter, because it's so dark. You may even look at this only as a nighttime perfume too, depending on what you like. Enter Velvet Orchid. It smells very similar, but it's just a bit lighter. I absolutely love this, and I can see myself using this during the daytime and Black Orchid at night. Perfect for those that think Black Orchid is just a bit too much.
  • NARS Audacious Lipsticks ($32) I love experimenting with a bright lip when autumn rolls around, and NARS just released these brand new lipsticks in 40 (yes, forty!) different colours. They look incredibly creamy and opaque, and with that colour range everyone will find atleast one (or ten) they like. Some of the shades are exclusive to Selfridges in the UK and Barneys and NARS boutiques in the US.
  • Gucci Flora Silk Printed Foulard (£285/$440) I always have atleast five scarves on my wishlist, and right now this is reigning supreme. Silk may not be the usual cold weather choice, but I find that wool scarves just make me way too hot. I love this traditional floral print and the colours. This is such a timeless and chic piece that you can wear any season really.
  • Charlotte Tilbury The Ingenue Gift Set (£145) Okay, so this is not really an autumn specific item, but I just really want it! I've become so intrigued with Charlotte Tilburys makeup lately, and I love that you can get these gift sets to make a full look, with full sized products and they come with the cutest makeup bags. I'm especially curious about the lipliners, blushes and eyeshadow sticks.
  • Ash Jalouse ankle boots (£155/$198) Autumn equals a need for cute boots. I've seen these particular ones on one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, several times, and they're just so hot. They come in a bunch of different colours (shown in Topo), and I think they would be perfect for a smart yet somewhat cool everyday outfit.
  • Diptyque scented candles (£40/$60) So surprise here, we all love scented candles for fall! Diptyque is one of those 'Instagram made me to it' type of things. I fell inlove with the packaging, but they do smell amazing too. I have many on my wishlist, and there's something for everyone. And let's not forget it's super cozy to sit inside in the candlelight when the weather gets dark and gloomy.

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