Dior Addict IT-Line

Posted on 16 August 2014

Dior Addict IT-Line (£24.50/$31/9.7ml) is Diors latest liquid eyeliner that launched this summer. It falls into their Addict range, and the packaging is created to match the Addict lip products and fragrances. It launched together with the Dior Addict IT-Lash mascara that I reviewed HERE. They both come in four shades, black, pink, purple and blue. The formula is a regular non-waterproof formula.

When I got this a few months ago I couldn't remember when I last used a liquid eyeliner. I used then all the way through high school, and for a few years after that. Until I discovered the glorious invention that is gel eyeliner. But let's face it, gel eyeliner is a hassle, since I wanted to get something simpler for everyday use, and the choice fell on this because I thought you may like to see it reviewed.

Let me start off by talking about the brush. I'm glad to say that it is an actual brush, and not a felt tip. The handle is quite long (which doesn't look great compared to the mascara, but is practical). It's quite easy to work with, allthough making thin, even lines may not be the easiest task. I would say it is very good quality for this type of brush though. I do really like the packing, it's sleek and cute, and of course, perfectly matches the Addict range.

The formula is also a big plus. It's not too liquid, and it glides on easily, and gives a true, black line (you may need to work with it a few places though). It dries rather quickly, and I have not experienced any smudging or transfer of colour. The end result is actually a bit glossy, which I think gives a nice touch. As long as you don't cry, it sits put through the day, and on me it usually looks almost the same in the evening as in the morning, but with a little bit of wear of course. What's most important to me is that it doesn't flake off in any way, and you can't scratch it off in pieces either. 

All in all, I think this is a liquid eyeliner that is a good buy. I'm not 100% sure about the other colours, but I think they could look cute paired with black on the right person. Allthough I still prefer gel eyeliner over any liquid liner, this is an easy, everyday product that works well. I'll add some swatches of the other liners as well, but know that the blue and purple are not sparkly, that's just some transfer after a swatching party.

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