Chanel Hydramax + Active Active Moisture Mask

Posted on 24 August 2014

Chanel Hydramax + Active Active Moisture Mask (£39/$50/75ml) is, as far as I know, the only moisture mask in Chanels skincare range. It is creamy and pale blue, with a thick almost gel-like texture. It has the typical Hydramax scent.

I purchased this about a month ago, because my skin was suddently feeling dry and stiff. I had a sample of this years ago, and remembered loving it. I'm particularly weak for the Hydramax scent, probably since my first ever high end skincare was from that range, although I believe it had a different name back then. I'm happy to announce it is as good as I remembered.

Upon application it goes on like a regular cream, but leaves a sticky feeling as if you were wearing a very thick cream. Chanel recommends you wear it for ten minutes before washing off. I have always just worn it over night, and my skin feels very moisturized and a little plump in the morning. It's almost completly absorbed in the morning. I don't have a routine as to when I use this, so I just apply it when I feel that my skin needs it.

One thing I have to mention about this facial mask is that the second ingredient is glycerin. Glycerin is very often added to skincare so that you won't have any reactions to the other ingredients. I have sensitive skin, and I often notice a reaction sooner or later anyway. When I use this I sometimes start to itch on my cheeks, which is how a breakout usually starts for me. Now, I've never broken out when using this, but I wouldn't want to use it too often.

Even with the glycerin and the looming though of breakouts, I still really like this. Mostly because it does what it's suppost to do. I don't have to use it several days in a row to get good results, I feel them the next morning. It's a nice little treat to use once in a while, and it just feels very luxurious. A must have for an evening of pampering. With my use this is surely going to last me a long time, which is a big plus (is there anything more annoying then having to replenish the same product every 2 months?).

On a last note I want to remember you that this is a treatment for when you need that extra boost. If you have dry skin, start with a good moisturizer and the right cleanser to give you balanced skin, don't rely on masks and overtreat your skin.

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