Chanel 643 Désiro

Posted on 19 February 2015

For spring 2015 Chanel released three polishes in their Reverie Parisienne collection. I only picked up one, in the colour Désirio. It is a cream polish in a beautiful dark pink, almost orchid shade. It has microscopic flecs of purple shimmer, that is barely visible to the naked eye. It's not visible on the nail, just in the bottle, so I'm still calling it a cream shade. This is a colour that would look amazing on any skintone, and it will be wearable almost all year, especially for spring and summer. I would say it's muted enough even for work.

I don't have any polishes that are perfect dupes, but I found two to compare it too. The closest shade is 217 Splendeur (which I got 10 years ago), which is a pure cream shade that is slightly lighter and a tiny bit warmer. 619 Pink Tonic from last summer is also very similar, but even lighter and more of a pure pink with microscopic gold shimmer. I also believe 533 April is the closest newer Chanel match, but that one is darker are more muted.

Unfortunately for Chanel, their polishes tend to either be on the great or terrible end of the quality scale. Luckily, this is one of the best ones I've bought in years. It lasts a good four days before chipping on me, but I do work alot with my hands so I consider four days to be a long time. It does also apply very evenly and it's easy to work with. Two coats and it's completly opaque.

Out of all my spring purchases I think this is my favourite. Everything about it is perfect, and I will be wearing this all through spring. Remember to check out my spring collections haul to see what else I got, and keep an eye out right here to read about the rest of my haul.

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