A little update

Posted on 6 April 2015

I had big plans for this blog this year. And suddenly that kind of went ot the window. It's been over a month since I last posted a real blogpost. It's not something I planned, it kind of just happened. I wanted to become a great and reliable blogger, that posted all the time, but it became obvious to me that there was no chance of that happening, atleast not for now. All of a sudden I felt so much pressure, from myself, to produce and be great, and it was just too much for me and I kind of freaked out. Since my biggest passion is making videos, that became my priority. Not to mention that I have alot to work on in my personal life, and at the same time I manage a home, albeit a small one.

So that's a long story short as to what's been going on. I think it's obvious that something needs to change, and that my wish to post five times a week is a dream. Or a nightmare. That being said I am in no way quitting blogging! It's something I love doing, and I couldn't imagine not having a blog alongside my channel.

So what's going to happend from now on is that I'll basically blog when I feel like I have something to write about. I won't push myself to go crazy, and I won't keep a schedule, atleast not for now. Blogging is just a hobby for me and I have a job and a life as well, so I need blogging to keep being a fun thing, and not stressful.

I hope you can understand where I'm coming from, and I'm very grateful that you guys are so patient with me. I hope you will continue to stop by and check out future posts. If you don't want to drop by on a regular basis I highly recommend you follow this blog on BlogLovin' so you'll always know when I post something new.

Don't hesitate to let me know if there are any blog posts or videos you would like me to make! I always aim to give you guys something you want to see, and even though I do this because I love it, the content I make is for you.

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