Huge Spring Haul!

Posted on 26 April 2015

Another month, another haul, amirite? Ehm, something like that. I've got some new things here and there over the past month or so, so I thought it would be fun to do another haul video. I've been running out of half my essentials, so I thought I would start the video off by showing you repurchases of my holy grails and favourites.

I've also picked up some spring clothing and shoes, plus a few things from Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret, and I thought it would be perfect to combine it all and make it into a huge spring haul.

Now I'm all ready for all spring has to offer, but knowing the Norwegian west coast I know it will be cold, and mostly rainy, so I don't know why I think big hair and short sleeves are a good idea. I guess that's just the Norwegian spirit, no matter what, we're always hoping for warmer weather.

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