Moving House!

Posted on 21 May 2015

Big news my friends, we're moving! We've been wanting a bigger apartment for a long time, but over the years it just ended up being the smart choice staying here. But all of a sudden, a few weeks ago I came across a perfect apartment. We went to see it the next day, and the owner chose us over tons of other people that wanted it! It's much bigger (finally room for all of us!), it's newer and nicer and it's in a better neighbourhood closer to where my husband works and Eddie goes to kindergarten.

Moving is less than four weeks ahead! I'm mostly excited right now, but I'm sure I'll be super stressed with packing any day now. I actually started packing the first two boxes today, and then I got a little bit anxious when I realized how little actually goes into those boxes, and we'll probably need about 50.

So you probably won't be hearing that much from me in the middle of June, but once it's good and done I'll have so many things to show you! I may do a room tour or two once those rooms are done. Just wait and see!

Our moving does include some semi-sad news though, because I've decided to postpone my updated make-up collection video until we're there. I was waiting and waiting on the last item I needed to film (it's still not here though, I obvi chose a bad seller on eBay), and suddenly we got our new place, and it just didn't seem right to film it here for two reasons. One, because it's just temporary, and I would rather show you how I want it to be when we're there and it's perfect, and two, because I'm not super happy with my current setup anyway. I hope you agree it's the right decision. As a peace offering I might post a few photos of my current setup here on the blog, just so the wait won't feel as eternal.

It's all very exciting!

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