Posted on 6 May 2015

Hi guys. I was thinking of doing a Q&A video next week if I get enough questions. If you have any questions you would like me to answer, leave them in a comment down below, or tweet them to me @kajahytland, and use #AskKaja. 
  1. 1) Do you still work as a MUA?
    2) What's your all time favourite red lipstick? Favourite lipstick, regardless of colour?
    3) Would you consider doing a winged eyeliner tutorial sometime? I mean different styles of eyeliner, like an everyday look, a dramatic cateye etc. :) (I would love more makeup tutorials on your channel in general, you're very good!)

    1. Another one because I forgot to add: What's your opinion on MAC's foundation, concealers etc. and sensitive skin that's prone to breakouts?