An overview of my collection before the move

Posted on 11 June 2015

Time flies so fast, and suddenly it's less than a week until we finally move! I've been packing for weeks already, and before I pack up the rest of my make-up collection, I thought I would give you a little overview, since you guys have been so patient in the wait of my updated collection video. I promise that I will film it as soon as I have everything set up in my new apartment, and this time I don't have to wait for this or that to arrive in the post.

So as you may guess from the first photo, my old setup is pretty darn cramped. Our old apartment is filled to the brim, and this didn't make it any better. It's in our bedroom, and on the left you see a Hemnes dresser, and on the right an Alex unit, both from IKEA. The Alex is faced so that the drawers open underneath the table, because that was the only way it would work. Back when I filmed my first collection video in 2013 this is where I kept almost my entire collection. The tabletop itself we got from a building supply store, and cut it to our liking, before adding on two legs (also IKEA). It was ugly, and super cheap, but it worked. The lamp is so old I don't even know where it from (but probably IKEA, of course), and the mirror is, you guessed it, from IKEA. I didn't feel like haning a bigger mirror since we were hoping on moving, which was obviously a good decision.

On the right side I have my two sets of Muji drawers. These are quite expensive, but easily worth it.  I have one with five drawers and one with two. The drawers are arranged by type of product, I do love order! On top I have an array of products that don't fit inside, things I want to keep handy and an old glass full of anything in pencil form, plus mascaras. On the right side I have a small towel, which I lay down before doing my makeup for two reasons, because the table doesn't get too dirty and you'll also have something to wipe things on. On the other side I have my main MAC-palette, which contains all of my most used shadows from MAC.

On the other side of the table I keep my make-up brushes (I'm right handed). I keep them in small drinking glasses, categorized by cream products, face powder brushes and then eye brushes. I also have my brand new acrylic nailpolish display which I ordered off eBay. It has six shelves and is suppost to fit about 48 polishes. It looks super sad in this photo because it came just a few days after I packed most of my polishes, but I promise you will see it in all it's glory in the upcoming video.

And there you have it. It's not very impressive, and I never loved it, I just ended up with this solution because I was absolutely desperate for a place to sit down and do my makeup in peace and quiet, instead of having to do it in a bathroom. This was seriously all I could fit. So if you're in a tight spot (literally), consider just DIY-ing your own vanity instead of buying one.

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