Get Ready With Me | Simple Everyday Look/My Current Look

Posted on 7 June 2015

'Get ready with me' videos seem to be growing on me. I'm not a very big fan of doing tutorials, but after watching tons of GRWMs over the past months I felt inspired to make one myself. Plus, it's been almost six months since my last one! I've really been loving this look, it looks polished without taking forever, and it's not a million products either. As you may notice I did change my outfit before heading out, but never really caught it on camera. When I stepped out it finally felt like summer (for the first time this year), and I had to run in and change. I absolutely love this green jacket from Zara, that I finally got to wear. It's simply, but such a fun pop of colour, and it really made me stand out against the typical black Norwegian uniform. Which I love!

For anyone wondering, yes I did speed up the video quite a bit. Watching it in realtime would be incredibly boring, and I felt it was unnecessary. Hair and make-up took 10 minutes each, which I definetly consider quick and fit for an everyday routine.

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