December Favorites

Posted on 26 December 2014

Well then, we are in the final week of December all of a sudden! The month has flown by even faster than usual, and it seems like just yesterday I was decorating our home. You've probably seen by now that I did in fact film this video last week, before we left for our Christmas holiday. That may seem a little strange, calling this December favorites when I filmed it halfway through the month, but I decided it would be okay because I rarely add products that I've discovered in the end of the month anyway. I like to use something for more than a week before calling it a favorite. I hope that makes sense to you, and I hope I appreciate not having to watch a shotty video filmed in my moms guest bedroom. I assure you that even though this was filmed a little earilier than usual, the process is exactly the same.

It looks like my makeup favorites were definetly a bit NARS heavy, which is no shock since it's one of my favorite brands. My blush favorite this month has been Sex Machine that was released as a single in January, and was found in the Virtual Domination holiday palette this Christmas (still in stock at Sephora), and also from NARS I've been loving the Audacious lipsticks that I picked up a few months ago. They're so crazy creamy and they just glide on, and I will definetly be picking up more colours (mine are Raquel and Olivia). Honestly, it wouldn't be December without a mention from a holiday collection, and the Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter is the only thing I picked up this year. It is hands down the most beautiful makeup item I own, and it was hard to actually use it for the first time. This is definetly a collector piece, but I don't want to store it away forget it, because it's made to be used! If you come by this I would definetly pick it up, no matter what skincolour or tone you are, because this will look amazing on anyone. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eyeshadow but I decided to give these MAC Pigment samples in Tan and Blonde's Gold (both permanent) a go, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I love using them wet and using both on my eyelids, with the darker shade on the outer half. To do that I've been using my new Sigma E50 Eye Shading brush, and just spraying it with a setting spray before dipping it into a tiny bit of pigment.

 My one skincare favorite is the La Roche-Posay Physiological Soothing Toner that I just picked up. It really does make a big difference, and even though my favorite toner is The Tonic from La Mer, this is a good second for a fraction of the price. I also had to mention my The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry shower gel that was one of their holiday scents. Saying that I've been obsessed would be an understatement, as it smells too good for words! I'm very tempted to stock up on a few for future years, but I still have half left of this bottle, and that is definetly being saved for next Christmas. I also really like the formula of this, much more than their regular shower gels, so I may check out a few more of these. And last but not least, a little shoutout to a few of my favorite holiday nail polishes. I have a small collection of metallic and glittery red polishes, but these are the two that I've opted for this year, OPI's In My Santa Suit and Dear Santa.

Onto my lifestyle favorites, I only have a few this month, basically since I've been so busy with everything Christmas. In a way, I would easily say that Christmas has been a favorite, but I think that's stating the obvious. My one favorite candle this month has been Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works. To me this more of a winter scent than one just for Christmas, and I think it's one of their most popular signature candles. The name is pretty explanatory, and it does smell sweet, yet smokey. It's not one of their strongest scents (which is a good thing in my opinion), but it does have a very good throw. My one book favorite felt like a natural choice after last month, and it's Bossypants by Tina Fey. It's not the most well written book, but it's very clever, and of course extremly funny. Now onto my big favorite this month, the one that puts all the other ones to shame, the cartoon show Adventure Time. I'm a big kid at heart and I've fallein inlove with this show. It runs on Cartoon Network, and although I think older kids would like this, it's definetly a show made for adults. It stars brothers Jake the Dog and Finn the Human who go around the post-apocalyptic Earth (now called Land of Ooo) doing heroic stuff. It's funny, dark, cute and just generally brilliant. There are tons of supporting characters (most of them princesses) and my favorite is hands down Lumpy Space Princess (aka LSP) who is a hilarious bratty teenager. I highly recommend this to any of my nerdy and/or big kid readers out there, you will definetly love it.

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