November Favorites

Posted on 4 December 2014

I have to admit, it's hard to get into the grind, but my November favorites are finally here! I love that it's officially December, and no one kan kill my Christmas spirit now. But let's not forget November just yet, because I have a surprising amount of favorites to talk about. I usually keep a list of my favorites throughout the month, so I don't forget anything when end the comes around, but this time, as I was getting ready to film I kept thinking "oh, I can't not including this, I've been loving it so much!", and the pile grew larger and larger. As I mention in the intro, I'm trying out a new thing where I only talk about my beauty favorites in the video, and just write about my random favorites. I just felt that my videos were getting too long, and for me personally it takes way more for me to watch a video longer than ten minutes. So I thought I would give it a go, and see if you guys prefer it this way. Do not hestitate to let me know if you prefer the old way. But for now, let's just jump into my favorites.

For make-up (ish) I have five favorites. My first two are both lip products. The Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm is a lipbalm that I have neglected for a while now, but finally started using again. It's the easiest lip product ever, and it is currently living in my handbag for easy access throughout the day. The other one is the lipstick from Tom Ford in the colour Spanish Pink. When I picked this up in London a few months ago I knew I would like this, but I never imagined it would be such a perfect shade for my winter-pale skintone. I also had to mention the Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer, which is my all-time favorite contour product. It is fool proof, and looks so natural. I couldn't make the video without including two other products I picked up in London, that have also blown me away; the Rouge Louboutin nailpolish from Christian Louboutin (totally worth the bucks) and the most adorable little powder brush, the Ambient Powder Brush from Hourglass.

Moving into body, skincare and haircare favorites, I feel I have a wellrounded selection. For my face I've been adoring the amazing exfoliator from Lancer Skincare named The Method: Polish and the Shu Uemura Whiteefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil. Shu Uemura are pretty well known for their cleansing oils, and their range is so vast that there is an oil for any skintype. I had to mention my Shiseido Facial Cottons (closeup below) as well, which may seem super random, but if you've ever tried them you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm so glad I splurged on them, because when I use my SKII Facial Treatment Essence I only need 3-4 drops of product for my entire face, while with my regular cotton pads I need double. I don't always mention body washes in my favorites (although I'm a total body wash fiend), but I've been so obsessed with this Victoria's Secret Sensual Blush body wash I had to give it a shoutout. Last but not least, the Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse deserved a mention since it has completly changed how I think about curling my hair, and the fact that they now stick around until I was them out.

I've had two candle favorites this month, and they're both from my recent Bath & Body Works Haul. I'm so glad I decided on these two, because they're both amazing. Leaves is the perfect fall scent, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is a gorgeous holiday scent if you asked me. I just ordered a bigger size of the latter, and you'll be seing it in a BBW haul coming very soon! But in all honesty, I may order a big Leaves as well when the sale comes around, to save for next autumn.

I have three TV-favorites this month, and two of them include Gordon Ramsay. My husband and I have been on a total GR kick as of late, and we just think he's hilarious. That is one Brit that knows how to make good television! We especially loves it when he says "damn". First we finished season five of MasterChef US, and then we went through both seasons of Hotel Hell. I ended the month home alone binge watching Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23 again. That show is so incredibly hilarious and original, I have no idea why it didn't survive. Krysten Ritter is such an amazing actress, I feel that she, along with James van der Beek totally carries the show. The Beek is cameoing himself in the show, and I've never liked him as much as I do in the show. All I can say is "Arrigato, haay!". A must for any sit-com lover.

To round off the month, I have one book favorite and one song favorite. A song you say? That may be pretty random, but I'm the type of person that gets kicks on songs, and listen to them over and over and over again. Good think I have headphones, because my husband is not the same. The song is Dangerous by Big Data, and I love it so much I haven't even bothered to check out any of their other songs! But it's super catchy, and I love a heavy base. And for the first time ever I actually have an audio book favorite. I adore Mindy Kaling, and when I saw that she narrated her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) I knew just reading it wouldn't be satisfactory. The book is, as you would guess, hilarious! I actually joined Audible to hear it, and I just tried out their one month free trial. I have to say I'm not impressed with Audible, and I quit after finishing the book. $15 for one book per month? That's idiotic! It would be cheaper to just buy a book, or three. Once they turn it into an app closer to Spotify, where you can hear as many books as you want every month, I'll reconsider joining again. You'd think that letting people start as many books as they wanted every month would mean that more people stayed. Just saying.

So that is it for my favorites this time. I hope you like the new format, and that you will continue to watch the videos. If you want to subscribe to my channel, you can do that HERE, and get early access to all of my videos.

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